Everything You Need to Know About Your Gilbert Driver License Road Test

Are you on the verge of taking your Gilbert driver license road test in Arizona? If so, you are not alone. It is a huge moment in your life to become less dependent and more self-sufficient. However, before you hope in the driver’s seat, there are some things you need to be prepared for when it comes to taking your road test to get your driver license in Gilbert.

To begin with, you can go to the Arizona MVD to take your road test, but you must make an appointment. However, you do have another option. You can visit 1 Stop Title Loans and Motor Vehicle Services in Gilbert. As an authorized third-party location, you can take your road test here and earn your driver license. No appointment is necessary for a road test.

Passing a road test is required in order to receive your driver’s license in Gilbert. An examiner will sit with you in the vehicle and give you a set of directions to follow. The examiner will observe your ability to drive safely on the road. You will then be graded based on how well you operate the vehicle. All instructions will be given in English.

Who is Eligible to Take the Road Test in Gilbert?

If you think you are ready to take your road test in Gilbert, you must be sure to meet the criteria. The following must apply to you:

  • For those 18 years and older, you must have a current Arizona customer number and a passing score on the written test.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you must have a current Arizona customer number and must have held a permit for at least 6 months. Parent or legal guardianship authorization is required.

For the next part of the process, you must fill out an application by creating an account here. Be sure to have your Arizona Identification Card handy, Instruction Permit or other acceptable identification for standard license or identification for Travel ID/DL. Also, the license plate number of the vehicle you intend to use for the test must be currently registered and insured.

Also, don’t forget to smile! Your picture will be taken if you pass your road test in Gilbert.

How Should I Prepare My Car for a Road Test in Gilbert?

Preparing your vehicle for your road test in Gilbert is essential. You do not want to take a back seat on this one. The following must be good working condition on the vehicle you intend to use for your road test:

    • Breaks and properly functioning brake lights
    • Speedometer
    • Mechanical turn signals
    • Seat belts
    • Tires
    • Doors and windows operate properly
    • Intact windshield
    • Horn
    • Left outside rearview mirror
    • If there are any additional items determined to be unsafe, your vehicle may be rejected from the road test.

Additionally, do not forget to have your vehicle properly registered with current insurance. This will be checked and verified before you hit the road.

When it comes to the road test itself in Gilbert, you will begin in the parking lot for a parking test. You cannot leave the parking lot until this portion of the test is completed and you have passed. You will need to successfully complete a three-point turn and in some cases, parallel parking as well.

How Should I Prepare Myself For a Road Test in Gilbert?

For the most part, new drivers take part in a driving school. This can be done through your high school or a private company. Successful completion of one of these programs should set you up for success when taking your Gilbert road test. Additionally, a licensed adult can also help you practice and log hours on the road.

Where Can I Take a Gilbert Driver’s License Road Test?

You basically have two options when taking your road test in Gilbert. First, you can choose to go to the AZ MVD. Keep in mind that you will need to make an appointment prior to showing up. The other option you do have is visiting a third-party authorized MVD center, like 1 Stop Title Loans in Gilbert. No appointment is necessary. In addition, there are other motor vehicle services that are offered so you do not need to make multiple trips.

Bottom Line

Getting ready to take your driver license road test in Gilbert can be both nerve-wracking and exciting. It is your ticket to freedom and another step further into adulthood. You will need to spend plenty of time preparing for the written exam, the road test and your vehicle.

The best news is that you are not limited to just the Arizona MVD. You can visit 1 Stop Title Loans to take your Gilbert road test. It will be a breeze if you are prepared.

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