Spring Clean your Car

During the springtime many people choose to get down and dirty in their homes and finally clean out the debris, the dust and the extra things that have been lying around. One place many people tend to overlook is their car. This year, add your car to your spring cleaning list. Here’s how you can get started:

First and foremost, you must remove any built up trash. Empty those plastic bottles from the backseat, the tissue shoved in the cupholders and anything just lying around. Be sure to look under the seats, in the compartments and anywhere else you tend to shove trash. You need a clean slate to start with. 

  1. Carpeting and Upholstery:
    To begin with, remove any large chunks of rock, debris, mud and dirt from the floor and seat. Vacuum the entirety of the vehicle to remove all debris. Make sure to take out the floor mats to clean them and underneath. Next, look at the carpeting. Does it need more than just a touch up? If there are stains you may have to go one step farther. You may want to consider using a portable spot and stain carpeting cleaning machine to get out these trouble spots. .

    Then consider the upholstery. You can simply use a damp towel to wash down the seats. Look for any spots or stains which may require a stain remover or additional attention. There are plenty of DIY ways to approach removing stains as well as commercial products.

  2. The Console:
    Dust and dirt tend to build up on your console. Be sure to wash them carefully, yet thoroughly. Just be mindful of the electrical components. Your cup holders likely need a good wipe down as well. Take your time wiping down the dashboard and dry it off should it become too wet.

  3. Organize:
    Besides ridding your vehicle of trash, it is important during your spring cleaning attempt to also organize what you plan to keep in your car. Sometimes unnecessary paperwork and other things get piled into the center console and glove box. Remove anything unnecessary.

    Keep in mind that the weather is about to heat up. In Arizona, temperatures sky-rocket and now is the time to remove the items that do not do well in the heat. Be sure to remove things like chapstick, deodorant, that pile of crayons the kids stockpiled, that old chocolate bar, etc.

    This is also the perfect time to put certain things in your car. Consider a window shade, steering wheel cover and car emergency kit. The summer will hit fast and you want to be prepared. This is also a good time to make sure you have an updated insurance and registration card in your glove box. It may come in handy.

  4. The Windows:
    Take a good look at all your windows, including the windshield. It is easy for build up to form like a layer of film, tiny finger prints or maybe your dog’s nose grease. It is time to shine up those windows with some window cleaner both inside and out. Use a dry towel to finish the job. Lastly, do not forget the side mirrors or rearview mirror either.

  5. The Trunk:
    An easy place to skip past is the trunk. Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to focus on the trunk of your car. Focus first on removing trash and anything that is unnecessarily housed here. Just like you did to the upholstery on the inside, be sure to vacuum and spot clean any areas that are dirty.

    This is also a great opportunity to check your spare tire. Make sure first that you even have one. Then, be sure it has air in it. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a flat tire and having a flat spare as well. It is time to get ready for that summer heat as we all know that tires can break down quickly in the heat.

  6. The Exterior Body:
    Now is the time to focus on the exterior of your car. After a thorough wash, take the extra time to deep clean in any cracks or places that got missed. Use a soft towel to dry up the remaining rinse water.

  7. The Wheels:
    Beside making sure your tires are at the correct PSI and the lug nuts are tight, the wheels should be cleaned up as well. Lots of dirt and grime builds up in wheel wells. Wash them down thoroughly for a great shine.

  8. Under the Hood:
    Lift up that hood and do some spring cleaning here. Debris like leaves and dirt can pile up easily. You may just need to wipe it down, but in some cases you may need a professional cleaning.

  9. Waxing:
    For that extra exterior shine and brilliance, consider waxing your car this spring. Be sure you do so out of the direct sunlight. Choose a spray or liquid wax for the best results. If you are using a new product, test it on a hidden portion of the car’s body to ensure it works properly.

  10. Replace Wipers:
    It is never a bad idea to replace your windshield wipers. Even if you haven’t used them much, they can deteriorate. You do not want to get caught off guard with poor wiper blades.

Final Thoughts

This spring, you should consider giving your car a good cleaning out. There are many areas that oftentimes go missed or ignored. You will thank yourself later. 

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