Frequently Asked Questions about Your Arizona Car Title and Registration

Do you have questions about your Arizona car title and registration? Instead of guessing what you might need or how to proceed, here is a great place to start. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about your Arizona car title and registration.

The very first question people generally ask is where they can get their motor vehicle services taken care of. Since Covid-19 hit, most Arizona MVD locations have closed their doors to in-person appointments. However, many authorized third-party affiliates are open.

The first place you should check out is 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services. With several locations throughout the valley, you can get many of your motor vehicle services taken care of and done in person. As a third-party, authorized dealer you can expect to get similar services as you would at the MVD. Let’s take a look at some more frequently asked questions about your Arizona car title and registration.

How Can I Get a Replacement (Duplicate) Registration/Tab?

This service can be done in person at 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services or online at AZ MVD Now. If you choose to apply online, you can print the registration from your home printer.

How Do I Add/Delete a Name On My Registration?

When you need to add or delete a name on the registration of your car, you must change your title.

What if I am temporarily out of state and require a vehicle emissions test, what can I do?

You must visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality website.

Do I Need To Let The AZ MVD Know When I Move And Register My Vehicle In Another State?

There is no requirement to notify the AZ MVD if you move and register your vehicle in another state. The state you are moving to should notify the MVD of the change. Until that is completed, you may receive notices from the AZ MVD regarding registration renewal and insurance verification.

If I Move From Arizona And Am No Longer a Resident, Can I Get a Refund For The Remaining Months On My Registration?

When moving to another state and registering your car in the new state, you are not eligible for a refund. For more information, visit this site.

How Can I Find What I Paid In Vehicle Registration Fees And Taxes For Last Year?

To find out how much you paid in vehicle registration fees for last year, including your vehicle license tax, click here: Vehicle Fee Recap. You have the option to view and print your record. Keep in mind that if you are using this for tax purposes, you should consult with your tax adviser first. How do

How Can I Apply For a Duplicate Title?

Sometimes the title to your car in Arizona becomes mutilated, lost or illegible. In this case, you would need a new title. The owner name, legal status, lienholder and vehicle information must remain the same. Only the address and/or vehicle location address may be changed.

You visit a 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services location to receive in-person service or visit AZ MVD Now.

How Do I Add/Delete a Name On My Title?

To add a name on a title is the same procedure as a title transfer. You must be aware that if there is a lien on the vehicle that has not been paid off, written permission from the lienholder/lender will be required to add or delete a name.

How Do I Add/Delete a Lien On My Title?

Have you paid off your vehicle or did you get a new loan? If so, you will need to complete a title application (including the lien information), submit with the most current title, pay a title fee and obtain a lien release from the lienholder/lender (if applicable) with the following:

  • a complete description of the vehicle (year, make, and vehicle identification number).
  • the date the lien was paid in full.
  • a notation or stamp from the lender that indicates the lien is paid.
  • the full signature of the lienholder or the lienholder agent.

How Do I Apply For a Bonded Title?

In order to receive a bonded title, you will need to visit an authorized third party office to receive a vehicle inspection. The steps you need to complete in order to receive a bonded title in Arizona will vary from situation to situation. At the time of your inspection, you will receive specific action steps and additional documentation that will be required.

What Additional Requirements Are Needed For Out-of-Country Vehicles?

The requirements needed for out-of-country vehicles depends on individual circumstances. Click here for additional information.

How Do I Get a Replacement License Plate?

If you need a replacement plate, you can visit motor vehicle service professionals. You will need your identity and vehicle information verified in order to proceed.

How Do I Renew a Disability Placard?

Since October 28, 2018, the permanent disability placard no longer has an expiration date and re-certification is not required to issue a replacement. As long as the recipient qualifies, the placard is still valid. Temporary disability placards are valid for six months. Thereafter, a new certification must be completed by an authorized physician.

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