MVD Services in Gilbert: What You Need to Know

It is no secret that the pandemic of Covid-19 has wreaked havoc upon our daily lives. The way we shop and move about looks a lot different than it did a year ago. Another thing that has changed is the way we go about getting our MVD services completed in Gilbert. Many services can be completed online, but if you need the MVD you might find it hard to get an appointment. The good news is that there is another option. You can opt to visit an authorized third-party MVD center in Gilbert instead. Here is what you need to know.

1. Online Options

If you are not ready to head to the Gilbert MVD in-person, you can complete many transactions online. Oftentimes the services are simple and easy to complete if you know how. The Arizona MVD allows you to perform the following online:

  • Vehicle Registration Renewal
  • View Personalized/Specialty Plates
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Restricted Use 3-Day Permit
  • Voter Registration
  • And more

If instead you want to receive in-person MVD services in Gilbert, you can get help at 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services. As an authorized third-party MVD provider, 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services is committed to offering the same services you would receive if you walked into an Arizona MVD center. The best part is that the lines are typically much shorter and the hours are extended. With evening hours and weekend hours, you have more options for convenience with 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services.

2. Title & Registration In-Person

At 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services in Gilbert, you can update or apply for new title and registration on your vehicle. Keep in mind that no matter where you go, all registration documents will be mailed to you, including license plate tabs. Additionally, you can register your car up to six months in advance if an emissions test is not required. If you choose to update your registration beyond the due date, there will be late penalty fees assessed upon renewal.

If you are purchasing a new vehicle in Arizona, you will need to apply for a title immediately. In fact, you have 15 days from the date of purchase to secure a title. If you go beyond the 15 days, a late penalty fee might be assessed. Also, paper titles are no longer issued. All titles will be held electronically, but you can still request a paper title if need be.

3. Driver License In-Person

Should you need a driver license, 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services in Gilbert can also supply you with one. There many different types of driver licenses you might be looking for. 1 Stop MVD in Gilbert can help you with the following:

  • Voluntary Travel ID/Driver License
  • Original ID
  • Duplicate ID
  • Driver License Original/Duplicate/Update
  • Instruction Permit
  • Written Test
  • Online Test
  • Motorcycle Written Test
  • Driver License Reinstatement

4. Other In-Person Options

The fun does not end with just title, registration and driver licenses. There are many other MVD services in Gilbert you can receive at 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services. Other services include things like level 1 inspection, salvage title, specialty plates, disability plates, temporary permits, insurance reinstatement and so much more.

One service not to pass up at this time is acquiring your voluntary travel ID. This is a new identification that will be required to enter a federal building or board an aircraft starting October 1st, 2021. This ID follows the guidelines of the REAL ID Act enacted in 2005. This type of identification serves to provide more protection and security. The deadline might seem far away, but it will creep up on you. It is best to get this license taken care of sooner than later.

Final Thoughts

MVD services in Gilbert are convenient when you use 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services. You can receive similar and oftentimes better service than if you were to use the Arizona MVD. You can get a new title, register your vehicle, apply for a driver license – specifically the voluntary travel ID and so much more. 

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