Why You Should Use a 3rd Party MVd Center in Phoenix

In Phoenix, the very first 3rd Party MVS centers opened in 1994. This was in an attempt to help service the many people seeking help through the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division. An authorized 3rd party MVS center in Phoenix has direct access to help you with title and registration of your vehicle and driver licenses just as you would at the MVS center itself.

You can have all your records updated in real time too. The 3rd party centers have trained staff to meet the standards of the Arizona MVS. They must adhere to policies and performance guidelines. So here is why you should use a 3rd party MVS center in Phoenix.

1. Wait Times Are Considerably Lower

One of the biggest complaints you might have about going to the Arizona MVS is that the wait times are incredibly long. You might have to wait 3-4 hours just to be seen. Then, if you happen to bring the wrong documentation, forget your ID, etc., you have just wasted a day for nothing.

It is all about convenience. By using a 3rd party MVS center in Phoenix, like 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services, you can avoid this catastrophe and lines altogether. Imagine walking into a 3rd Party MVS center in Phoenix and practically walking right up to a customer service representative for help. That is what many customers experience when they walk through the doors of a 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services location.

Are you looking for a 3rd Party MVS center in Phoenix? Here are the 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services locations that can help you.

  • 5036 W Cactus Rd in Glendale
  • 940 N Alma School Rd in Chandler
  • 4385 W Bell Rd in Glendale
  • 1501 N. 16th St in Phoenix
  • 11435 W. Buckeye Rd. #A103 in Avondale (all MVS service available except driver license)

2. Expanded Business Hours

You may or may not know that the MVD is only open Monday through Friday from 7:30am-5pm. That is it. There are no extended evening hours or weekend options to choose from. This can be a very tough situation if you work full-time and cannot physically get into the Arizona MVD during those operating hours.

However, this is not the reality of 3rd party MVS centers in Phoenix. In fact, 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services has both extended hours and weekend hours for your convenience. You can visit 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services Monday through Friday, from 8am-7pm. You can also visit these locations on Saturday from 8am-6pm. This is convenience that goes beyond the regular Arizona MVS.

3. Real, Friendly Service

If you have ever been to the Arizona MVS, you might not have received the most friendliest customer service of your life. It is no secret, the MVS is not the shiny star example of top-notch customer care. You can, however, expect to walk into bright smiles and caring hands when you use a 3rd party MVS center in Phoenix, like 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services. Our customer service representatives are happy to serve you and all of your needs.

4. Take Advantage of Other Services

Did you know that many 3rd party MVD centers in Phoenix offer way more than MVS services? You can go beyond your car title, registration or driver license needs and also take advantage of other services that are offered. What other services does 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services offer? Motor Carrier Services and Fleet Services at our Glendale Arizona location!

Don’t forget your Travel ID too. Lastly, do not forget to update to a new Travel ID for boarding an airplane or entering a federal building starting in October of 2021. A Travel ID will be required to do these things coming very soon.

Bottom Line

There’s no reason to not use a 3rd party MVS center in Phoenix for all of your motor vehicle needs. The lines are short, the hours are extended and there are other services you can take advantage of. Get the proper customer service you deserve from a company who cares.

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